Using Digital Portfolios & Artifacts for the School Counselor Evaluation Tool

What is a Digital Portfolio and How Do I apply it?

According to DePaul University's Career Center , A digital portfolio (also known as e-portfolio) is a computer based presentation of your best work and demonstration of your skills.  When creating a digital portfolio it is important to include the following sections: homepage, about me, resume, samples with context, and contact information.  (

As school counselors you can create a digital portfolio to showcase your comprehensive school counseling program to administrators for your evaluation as well as to students and parents to inform them about your program. A school counselor can also teach students how to create a digital portfolio to show off their skills, talents, interests, and academic achievements.  This could be a helpful tool especially at the secondary/high school level.

Click the button below to view student and teacher digital portfolio examples.  As you can see there are different ways to display your work and different websites to use.   


School Counselor Evaluation Tool: Incorporating artifacts with the standards!

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