Gary Shoats Is A Passionate Ski Instructor

Gary Shoats is an enthusiastic ski instructor for almost 10 years. He is an engineer-turned-ski instructor whose choice fulfills his passion for skiing, people and the outdoors. Having skied since the age of fifteen, he has always dreamed of being a ski instructor. His passion has grown since his early days of kid's camps and beginners. Till now, he has taught to the people from all ages, abilities and disciplines. His emphasis is on ski improvement, instructional techniques, coaching, as well as mountain orientation. Whether a beginner, young or an experienced expert, he is proficient in teaching them all. He is always interested in learning the new techniques of skiing and snowboarding.

Gary Shoats is not only a one of the most requested instructors for skiing but he is also trained to handle adaptive skiing equipment. Whether the students are new to the sport or interested in pursuing advanced skills, he truly enjoys working with his students to further their enjoyment of skiing. He understands the potential anxieties and challenges that this involves particularly fear of the beginners. He is also great at encouraging his students and putting them at ease. He is known for his adaptability to teach anybody. In summers, he works as a mountain bike guide. His favorite place for skiing is South America.

When asked Gary Shoats about what is the best part of teaching skiing, he said, "My specialty is in sharing my skills for skiing with our guests and at the same time helping them to develop skills for a lifetime of enjoyment of a wonderful sport. As I grew up near a ski resort so it was easy for me to move in this direction. I think a teaching person the art of skiing is fun, easy, and endlessly rewarding." He advises that patience and people and good communication skills are required to top the list of instructors. Other than skiing, he also specialises in mountain climbing and biking and other mountain adventure sports.