The Siege of Yorktown

In the fall of 1781 towards the end of the Revolutionary War, General Washington moved on the British Army that was settled in Yorktown, Virginia. Washington was in New York rearming his army for one last fight with the British. He called on the French Navy for support. With Cornwallis's forces up against the Chesapeake Bay there was no way for the British to escape. Washington's army fought for two days straight while the French Navy fought the British Navy off the coast of Virginia. Cornwallis told his troops to stay fighting because the ships that he saw where his ride out of there. Turns out it was the French and the British Navy was not coming to help Cornwallis. Cornwallis was forced to surrender but he did not attend the ceremony. Instead he sent his second-in-command to surrender for him because he was "too ill to be there".

This image is the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis.


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