tools of trade


                                                        P6 MS LAGANA CLASS


Teachers use Edmodo to connect to their students and their work.Students can also show and turn in their work though it as well if they have a question you can ask friends through Edmodo and their teachers


Its useful for students to use so they won't forget when their assignments are due they get a  message when their assignments are late

It is used to make info graphics. Info graphics are easy to use because they are simple and fun to use and helps when you have an idea to bring up


This  is a very fun website because you are able to be creative with your work. Its helpful because it allows kids to be creative with their work

Design cycle

this website also allows a student to be creative with their work. But this website is more comparing and contrasting

Inquiring and analyzing

Students are presented with a design situation, from which they identify a problem that needs to be solved. They analyse the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of theproblem.

Developing Ideas

Students write a detailed specification, which drives the development of a solution. They present the solution.

Creating the Solution

Students plan the creation of the chosen solution and follow the plan to create a prototypes ufficient for testing and evaluation.


Students design tests to evaluate the solution, carry out those tests and objectively evaluate itssuccess. Students identify areas where the solution could be improved and explain how theirsolution will impact on the client or target audience.

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