Arabian Peninsula

1. The Arabian Peninsula is in southwest Asia, between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf Sea.

2. The Arabian Peninsula is a great place to live because it has many great areas to live in including the desert, oasis, coastal plain and the mountains.

3. Arab traders used camels to carry goods through the desert in caravans. Merchants were good to have for tade. Nomads raised animals that could survive in the desert and move from place to place to find vegetation for their livestock.

4. Deserts are very hot, harsh, and dry. The desert is often swept by windstorms. Arab nomads clothed themselves in loose-fitted long gowns and cotton headdresses to protect against dust, heat, and flies. The desert is a place of fiery heat, bitter cold, and little water or plant life.

5. Oases are important because they provide plant life and shade as well as water. For centuries, nomads traveled from oasis to oasis in search of water and vegetation for their herds. Realizing they could grow crops at the oases, some nomads gave up their wandering lifestyle to become permanently settled in one place.

6. The coastal plain separates inland plateaus from the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Persian Gulf Sea. The Coastal Plain is suitable for farming. For centuries, farming communities thrived in southern Arabia. People built deep wells, dams, and systems to bring water to a dry place in order to grow crops.

7. Arabia's largest mountain ranges run along the western and southern edges of the peninsula. They divide the coastal plain from the desert. People adapt in these mountains by living in houses made out of mud bricks and growing crops on flat strips of ground.

8. The combination of farming and trade led to the rise of powerful kingdoms in southern Arabia in ancient times.

9. Arabia played a key role in the exchange of goods and ideas among these regions.

10. The Oasis would be the best environment to live in because they provide plant life for farming, shade for cooling down, and water for survival. Plus there have been no problems with living in the Oasis in the past.


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