Loren Eiseley

By Lanie Cross


Loren Eiseley is a great person! You will learn so much about him and how he changed the world a lot! Read on and out more about him. If you want you could be like him and be a teacher, write books, find new things, explore nature, read about new things. Read on and discover new things about him!

Early Life

Have you ever heard of Loren Eiseley? Well, here is how Loren  life started, Loren Eiseley was born near Lincon. His parents were very poor so they could not aford much things. As he grew older about 6 he had a very boring childhood. There were not much fun things to do like we do now. His parents only had so much money. He could not play with toys that much. At the age of 12 he had very few friends and that is why he spent most of his time at home with a boring childhood. Loren Eiseley was born in 1907. His mother was deaf and every time she wanted attention to talk to someone.

Adult Life

When Loren Eiseley got older, he became a teacher for a few years. After he did not want to be a teacher, he wanted to write books. After his father passed away he started writing books. Most of his books include poems and stories about fossils or nature. He loved to take walks on the country side before the sun set. His aunt and uncle took him to the Morrill Hall. After he left he wanted to learn about fossils because in the Museum he saw a lot of fossils. He went to the library and read everything he could about fossils. He loved to study rocks and dig up fossils. He also loved to explore nature world when he had the time because he did not have a lot of time. Loren Eiseley died in 1977 because he had surgery and had a heart attack.

Greatest Accomplishments

After Loren Eiseley wrote a whole lot of books he was the best known author. A lot of people loved his books. People also thought his books. People also thought Loren Eiseley’s books were great and people were amazed by Loren books. He was fascinated by fossils. And he learned so much about the fossils that he loved!


I hoped you loved learning about someone new you might not heard of. You can do a photo essay on Loren Eiseley if you would like to. You might of heard of him and known a few things but you probley heard more!


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