an inference is what first comes to your mind, about something, based on life experience.

1.)"Who says smoking cigarettes is so bad ..."

From this quote I infer that they think cigarettes aren't bad because they say with an approving tone.

2.)"The effects of smoking are serious. It can harm nearly every organ of the body. It causes nearly one of every five deaths in the United States each year."

From this quote I infer that in the rest of the article they will talk about how it can harm nearly every organ of the body because why else would they bring that up.

3.)"Swimming is a great way to get fit, but if your pool doesn't have a saline, ozone, or a structured water filter, then you’re going to be stuck swimming in chlorine. "

From this quote I can infer that they think swimming in chlorine is bad. It starts by saying that swimming is good then it says but which means that they're talking about the opposite and then is talking about being "stuck" with chlorine. Using "stuck" shows that it is bad to be in that situation.

from this pic. I can infer that this commercial is about a guitar because it is in the front so therefore seems more important than the people.

From this pic. I infer the eagles are fighting because one is atop the other with it's wings spread out trying to look bigger and more menacing.

From this pic. I infer that the dog is the kids, because they are looking at each other and are close together, with no one else around.

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