Ancient Egypt

Danny DeAngelis


Egypt is in northern Africa. Divided into two parts upper (southern) lower (northern). Theirs a river that runs though the south to the north and floods every year called the Nile river.Egypt was mostly desert and that was good for them because the people coming to fight got lost in sandstorms and and they didn't want to walk in a hot desert for hours.

Stable Food Supply

There main farm was wheat and barley the Nile River brought fresh water used for drinking cooking growing plants animals that lived around it they predicted when the Nile would flood waited till flooded finish and then planted around them flooded brought good soil they also used irrigation

System Of Government

Khufu He built the great Pyramids he was a pharaoh

Senusret Made arts popular made city rich he was pushing art work

Rameses II He was a strong military leader over 100 wives and over 110 children made over 110 statues of himself was in charge of everything and was uncotrollable

Hatsheput first female pharoh she got people to listen to her by dressing like a man she wore a fake beard

very simple laws based on common sense and army

Advances in technology

Made calendars so they knew when floods came made pyramids and made a number system with numbers and decimal points they also had tooth paste and make up and made mummies

Social Structure

How people ranked in power and money then people at bottom. Represents the size of population.

Written Language

Used picture hryogifs which are picture symbols that were used for words or pictures they had over 700 of them only scribes knew what all of them meant reading them and writing them. Archeologists had no idea what that meant in till they found the rosetta stone that written 3 stories Greek New Egyptian and Hyroglific

The Arts

Artisans got rarely and respect they were very talented they also were on the second two last on the social structure. The types of artisans were Carpenters, Jewelers, Leather workers, Metal workers, Painters, Potters, Sculptors, And Weavers

Pyramids decorated in paintings inside of the pyramid inside of them well known for sculpters used hyroglifics had there own mines Gold Torquise Copper and precious other ores had enough gold that they can make buildings.


Ra: Was one of the most powerful. He could different forms of animals

Osiris: He was the god of the dead because ancient Egyptians believed in life after dead

Horus: He was the god of the sky

Anubis: Protected the dead and was painted on the tomb god in bombing too.

They out salt crystals on the body called matrons it would help dry out the body.

Connection to life today

I can connect to ancient Egypt because we still have gold mines and we have priests .

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