Vote Smart


Coming together to fight the dangers to democracy and American freedom

Different in background and opposed in interest, but fight together to create a successful defense


Over 5000 members, open to anyone

Benefits of Joining

  • Instant access to information on 40,000 elected officials and candidates
  • The Voter's Self Defense Manual: published each election, this 100 page book reports on every member of Congress
  • “Bringing the Truth to Light” Flashlight/Pen
  • Our biannual newsletter, "One Common Ground": composed of articles by staff, student interns and member volunteers, you'll get an inside look at what is happening at Project Vote Smart
  • Exclusive email updates
  • Vote Smart's Entertaining and Educational 10-Minute Video (by request)
  • An invitation to spend a night at our Great Divide Ranch Research Retreat in Montana with the opportunity to see our operations firsthand at our Research Center and Retreat.


Researching and exposing all the facts about political candidates

  • voting records
  • campaign contributions
  • public statements
  • biographical data
  • the opinions of other interest groups
  • positions on major issues they will face

Don't support one candidate or another

Non-profit (no money collected and don't pay most involved except minimally, no PAC, corporation, or organization donations accepted)

Don't manipulate information or deceive voters, unbiased


Deals with all issues, gets people informed about them; deal with issues about keeping democracy.

Secret Science Reform Act of 2014

EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2013

A Bill to Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline 2014

Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ensuring Effective Discipline Over Monitoring Act of 2014

EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2013


Over 5000 public libraries and hundreds of national and local news organizations, including CNN, C-SPAN, Cox News, Fox, Knight-Ridder, MTV, National Journal, NBC, Newsweek, PBS, MSNBC and Washington Week in Review, have shown support for Project Vote Smart.

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