Butch Walker and his wife Nora - innovating music

There are challenges that are presented for an artist that is trying to make their name in the industry. One of the great challenges that is presented is that one where most musicians and producers have a great deal of effort put into. That would be the composing of an original track which has a quality that is on its own. It is the pinnacle of what an artist truly wants to accomplish with their music, a sound that is completely their own without any type of reference to any other artists. This is what many musicians desire to accomplish within their careers. It is always important to consistently strive for a sound that is completely authentic to you and build from those accomplishments.

Butch Walker and his wife Nora have had the great pleasure of being able to enjoy the successful side of his music accomplishments as they reside in the city of Los Angeles. This gives them the opportunity of exploring all the opportunities and talents that are available within their reach. Many who are aware of Walker’s work as a producer have reached out to him and have come to accomplish recording tracks alongside with the two time nominated Grammy producer. This is not by luck or fate that he has had such a successful name in the industry. Many who are close to him see his true focus and intensity in his work. He approaches music with a true desire to refine the sound and rhythm to a masterpiece.