Nancy Drew
The Mystery of the Glowing Eye

By: Carolyn Keene

           Carolyn Keene Wrote her first Nancy Drew book in 1930. She was born in 1905 and past away in May 29.2002. She lived to be 97 years old and wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew books.

              I read a Nancy Drew book for my Book Project, this particular book was called "Mystery of the Glowing Eye". This story takes place in the late 1970's within a small town were Nancy is well know for helping people. The group is traveling around a lot in this small town to try and solve this mystery of the Glowing Eye.

             In the beginning, one of Nancy's best friends named Ned was kidnapped from his college. Shortly after the kidnapping a helicopter who was unmanned landed on Nancy's front lawn. The helicopter also had a note inside of it saying "Beware of Cyclops."As a part of the rising action, Nancy and her friends went out in the country to get a ride on a helicopter much like the one that landed on her lawn. This man though said that he had never had a remote controlled helicopter. While out there the group found an old house that seemed that it had been used recently. Nobody was in there at the moment but in the hamper there were lots of used clothes and hats, the crew believed that the clothes were different disguises.

             The climax of the mystery was, while they were traveling to another town Nancy and her cousins see a helicopter rising out of the swamp. It was the same on that had landed on Nancy's lawn, so they decided to go to were it took off because Ned might be there. Once they arrived at the camouflaged cabin the helicopter had definitely take off from they started looking around inside of it. Nancy flipped over the mattress were Ned had been sleeping she found all sorts of notes that he had stashed under it. The notes all had dates and what happened that day.

To find out the ending to the book you will have to read it!

Characters/Secondary Characters

Nancy Drew - Witty- Nancy remembered a series of numbers in her head in a shape because it was a code she had found in Ned's papers. Ned said "Crosson sent the bomb to your house because he knew your reputation.

George - Heroic- She always wants to be the first one to the scene of the crime, like when the helicopter landed on the lawn she sprinted out their first.

Bess - Over Dramatic- When the two boys (Dave and Burt) were at the same house that they thought the kidnapper was in she started getting worked up and teary.

Ned - Intelligent- Ned works at a college were he kidnapped from. Sneaky- Ned sends and hides notes about how he has been doing to Nancy without Crosson knowing at all.

Crosson - Hostile- Ned sent Nancy a not saying Beware of Cyclops (Cyclops = Crosson). Crosson sends a bomb in the helicopter to Nancy's house to blow it up but Ned takes the bomb out right before the helicopter takes off. Crazy-  He has gorey pictures of wars in his room where he sleeps.

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