Using music and movement to improve reading fluency and comprehension

Beth Sussman is a Juilliard grad and Master teaching artist with the Music Center of Los Angeles County. Using music and movement, Beth has had amazing success improving emerging readers' fluency and comprehension. There is a strong connection between steady beat and reading. According to the Los Angeles Times, the number of kids entering kindergarten with the skill of steady beat has gone from approimately 85% a few decades ago to about 10% today. Miss Beth aims to fix that. Miss Beth's proven methods are fun and engaging so kids just enjoy themselves as they practice this vital skill. Here are what some educators have reported after their classes have worked with Beth:
"First Grade Students showed tremendous progress in Reading after spending six weeks learning steady beat with Beth Sussman. In one class 19 out of 20 students moved up reading levels: *one student went up one reading level, 14 students went up two reading levels* 3 students went up three reading levels* 1 student went up four levels".
Gayle Nadler Multi Cultural Learning Center Elementary School, CA

"All of my students made growth but nearly all of my first graders doubled their scores. The second graders all made a significant growth. I had not seen growth like this before. Thank you Beth for making me aware of this. If you have songs that you can suggest to teach and practice steady beat I would really appreciate it. Thank you."
Stephanie Miller - San Bernardino, CA

Check out this article about a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience which connects steady beat and reading!
Miss Beth works with a few thousand students every year, but her methods can help so many emerging readers (ages 4-8) that she is looking bring her workshops to students nationwide. Using both live-action and animation (check out the character line-up). The videos would be available at no charge. Miss Beth has assembled a team, including Bill Freiberger (a writer and director on Pee-Wee's Playhouse), and Richard Quan, (a producer on Pee's Wee's Playhouse and "James and Giant Peach"). Both Bill and Richard have offered their time and talents pro bono. However, the animation, editing, camera work and music licensing will have costs. !
Go to for a video and more info
Stay tuned for info on crowdfunding so that you can be a part of this exciting venture.

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