Adjective Comparatives: part 1

1-syllable adjectives:

taller than    bigger than     smaller than     greener than     lower than    wider than       

hillier than         

2-syllable adjectives ending in -y:

skinnier than       healthier than       hungrier than       hairier than       lovelier than     

Other 2-syllable adjectives:

more crowded than    more handsome than     more tender than     more worried than     more nervous than     more uptight than

Adjectives with 3 or more syllables:

more difficult than     more dangerous than     more expensive than

more magnificent than     more beautiful than      more delicate than     

We're about to see a video. While we watch the video, I want everyone to jot down different adjectives. After we're done, everyone must write down a paragraph that is related to the video and that includes at least 4 comparatives. You must use the 4 types of adjectives that we mentioned.

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