Ernest Rutherford

Discovered radioactivity and nuclear physics

  • 1.  He discovered alpha and beta rays, and identified alpha particles as helium nuclei.
  • 2.  Most important, he postulated the nuclear structure of the atom
  • 3.  He found that a screen coated with zinc sulfide emitted a flash of light each time it was hit by an particle.
  • 4.   Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus of the atom in 1911.
  • 5.  His work constituted a notable landmark in the history of atomic research.

Random Facts

  • 1.  Born on a farm in New Zealand, the fourth of 12 children.
  • 2.  Rutherford completed a degree at the University of New Zealand and began teaching unruly schoolboys.
  • 3.  He received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1908.
  • 4.  He had been named Langworthy Professor of Physics.

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