The Shang dynasty

This will tell you all about the Shang dynasty its downfall  and its first emperor and how he was.

The Shang government had a strong leader he tried to extend hos power by setting up smaller kingdoms led by his younger nephews and brothers. The Shang also had a strong army, they depended on a strong army to maintain their rule to defend and expand (make something bigger) their kindoms. the kings took part in almost ongoing war with enemies and fought to keep clans under control. prisoners of war were used as laborers and in human sacrifices. The Shang first found bronze and used it for weapons and tools of war that includes airheads, arrows, helmets, ax heads, and spear heads. Archaeologists found huge walls royal palaces royal tombs also. Under the palace foundation they found human bones that suggets that the Shang performed human sacrifices. they centered their religion was on ancestor worship. The oracle bones were used to foretell the future which was an important thing to know. The Shang excelled  in war enabling the ruling classes to build up wealth. But these advantages helped to end this dynasty also other things but this is the END!!!!!

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