Week List

20 May 14

This week a have though of making my own checklist for this week, so I will write it to you and tell you my list.

1. Harvest the crops of culantro, rabano, remolacha and and wash at the same time the crops and replant the seeds of the plants I harvest.

2. Get some gravel and make a mini walkroad in the garden to prevent getting mud in my shoes.

3. Try to buy at least 7 packs of the panini stickers and try to finish it before the Brazil World Cuo starts.

4. Continue giving my best effort in math, and help other people in math.

5. Help the school PRO-ECO and teaching them things they dont know in reading and writting especialy to my boddy Jennifer.

6. Wait until the Turdus Grayi bird is born and give him a name that will be FIPAZ, because FI is from Fifa and he will be born in the world cup. PAZ is peace and tranquil because his mother is very calm. If you want you could look in google images the bird that will be born named Turdus Grayi.