This could happen to me...

Have you ever had pain in your foot?  Has it ever been to the point that you can't walk? Well I have and try playing eleven soccer games like that. Your feet hurting worse and worse the more you run but you can't stop cause you are on national television. Oh and It gets worse, its permanent.

   I have an extremely rare medical condition in my heels. It is nameless and is most common in with soccer players. It is also common in people who are flatfooted. I am a flatfooted soccer player and I have played for six years, and don't plan stopping.

I have it very bad. It causes immense pain in my feet. It makes it really hard to run or even walk. It gets worse and worse the more you run. And yet I play soccer, the sport you run the most in.

Like I said it happens in flat footed soccer players but there is more then just that. It happens when your Achilles tendon rubs against the growth plate in your heel. You can only relieve this by painfully stretching your Achilles tendon and even then it doesn't do much or last long.

But no matter how bad it gets I will always play soccer. If I can't play soccer like this I wont be able to play any sport. And if I do it wont be because of pain. Otherwise nothing will stop me, especially pain.

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