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In support of this argument on the grounds that, Pepe's foul just before unconsciousness in order to balance right met Muller's face, but Mueller fell to the ground when there are obvious performance component, which only led to confrontation with Müller Pepe came up. Pepe head contact with Mueller was not the motive of the attack, "Mueller quickly stood up and proved that collisions are not serious" in the end, integrated Madzic and Portugal two reports of the Football Association, cheapest fifa 15 coins FIFA toward the latter view, Pepe's behavior is deemed "unsporting", but "not necessarily violent fouls", be suspended. Pepe and Portugal need to thank FIFA for just, you know, the last World Cup after likaduokesita was suspended for 3 matches, Portugal Football Federation has submitted a large number of appeals material, has got the FIFA demands Portugal sustain maintenance on Pepe's attitude does not mean to him within the same tolerance. This is since 1978 Germany team failed to qualify for the World Cup semi-finals for the first time that Germany is in a succession of, dominated by players born in the late 60 and newcomers are concentrated in late 70 and was born. It makes Germany team whose average age is 29 years old, became the one of the oldest teams take advantage of that weakness, Germany team competitors often start from Midway to prevail. FIFA's technical report showed every game of the World Cup, Germany teams began in 65-70 minutes down.