This Tackk is about how coding works. I know it may seem really difficult with all the letters and numbers, that look like another language. Don't worry its actually not hard.

Today we are going to go to a website called I will help you step by step through the process. Click on the link below.

Now if you look at the bottom left and click on the Flappy Intro under the picture of flappy bird and it will show you a video of what to do.

Other Steps

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to where the games are.

3. Chose a game to play

4. Watch the tutorial

You Can Get The App On Your Phone

You can get the app on your phone and play.

Reasons For Coding

Coding is one of the prioritizes to some jobs.

1st and 2nd graders are learning coding.

Anyone can learn Code no matter how old you are. Coding maybe just a jumble of letter, but think beyond that. Codes have many impact on life. Especially in Technology. Your phone has a tons of code going through it to tell it what to do.

Even Famous People Code!

Even famous people are trying code. It is amazing of how just a few letters and numbers create something so much more.

Thank You So Much

Thank you. I hope you will try and share coding with other people. Try to look beyond the unspeakable. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO GO TO CODE.ORG

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