Persuasive Essay

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Why are good people needed in this world? They are needed to create better places for others and to prevent anybody from getting hurt by the bad people’s actions.

Paragraph 2

Good people are needed in the world to create better places for other good people. For example, good people can create utopias for other good people such as islands, mountains, etc. Another example, good people can fight the bad people and create a better tomorrow for others.

Paragraph 3

They are also needed to protect others from getting hurt by the bad people’s actions. For example, good people are needed to fight the bad people and give them something to fear. Another example, good people need to give the other good people a chance to fight back the bad people.

Paragraph 4

Good people are not needed because there will always be bad people in this world and eventually good people will give up fighting the bad people and they will triumph and then control the world with fear.


Good people are needed in this world to create a better future for the other good people and to protect the light from the dark. As human beings we need to keep our ground and fight and not fall into the darkness they create when they hurt others.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I gladly recommend Emmanuel Legarreta for your company as a manager. Emmanuel is a very intelligent and hardworking young man. He always completes his assignments on time and he doesn’t get distracted from his work. Plus, Emmanuel works very well with others and gets along extremely well with the people around him. Although I haven’t know Emmanuel for a long time but from the time I’ve gotten to know him, I can guarantee he will be the best manager your company will ever have.


Sebastian Gonzalez

Letter of Intent

Gonzalez, Sebastian Aramis

1234 Grand Auto

El Paso, Texas 89829

May 24, 2015

Juan Contreras, Mariachi

Vihuela Department

12345 Azteca

El Paso, Texas 89820

Dear Juan Contreras:

I would be a good addition to your mariachi group since I’ve had 4 years of choir and I’ve played the vihuela for 3 years. Plus, I get along well with others so there won’t be any issues with the other mariachis.

I would like to be in the background playing with the other vihuela players since I mostly concentrate on playing an instrument rather than singing but I’ve played for one other group for 2 years so I’m pretty experienced on singing and playing the vihuela.

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.


Sebastian Gonzalez


Sebastian Gonzalez

(109) 876-5432

1234 Grand Auto

Facebook.com/Atomic Alloy



Enhance my skill set by working with the community


Sierra Vista Elementary

Paso Del Norte Middle

El Dorado High

2014- Present El Dorado

Honor Roll

Varsity Mariachi


2014- Present


Mariachi Azteca

Read Music

Play an instrument used in mariachi well

Sing well


Good Problem Solving Skills

Enjoy Working With Others

Job Application

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