Top 10 differences with FFA & Charly

Aryanna Halstead

Top 10

1. In the movie, Miss Kinnian falls in love with Charly.

2. Charly never forced himself on Miss Kinnian in the book.

3. Charly didn't do drugs in the book.

4. In the movie, Algernon died at the presentation.

5. Charly never got aggressive in the book.

6. In the movie Charly writes on a chalk board, not on paper.

7. In the book, Charly yelled at the people in the restaurant for laughing. He did not help him clean the mess up.

8. In the movie, Miss Kinnian is the one giving Charly the tests.

9. In the movie, Charly has another "friend"

10. It's set in New York in the book, but in the movie, it is set in Boston.