Raven Investigation

8-2 group 1, Taylor, Tyler, Thomas.

The raven got it's name after a bird delivered a message to Apollo a message of a lovers unfaithfulness. The name Pallas is often associated with the Greek Goddess, Athena. Pallas, is what The Raven considers to be faithful and wise. In response, the protagonist replies that the coward ravens feathers should be shaved off. Thinking The Raven's visit is just nonsense, the Narrator mentions the Night's Plutonian Shore, a shore of the river that leads to hell, where he believes the raven originates form. Disaster, (the negative effect a star has on a humans life) has struck the narrator and he pleads for Hope. Lighting his censer, he asks God for a better future. The absence of Lenore, has taken a great emotional toll on the Narrator.

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