The Gardener by S.A Bodeen
By Kihala Sims

well when i read the title i thought it was going to be about plants.

self-feeders green plants make their own food in their green leaves.they are called autotrophs.

melby falls is where mason lives melby falls is a very small town,Trodyn is where humans are grown and taken  care of including solomon and masons mom worked,it rains there everyday.

i think human experimentation is wrong because it may harm the person they are doing experiments on it can kill them.

climate change in which global or regional climate changes, in particular a change apparent from the mid 20th.

a food crisis is when rates of malnutrition rise sharply at local,global levels. climate change is when a change in global or regional climate patterns

"he states all true stuff that is really going on in the world today.we the people did kill the trees to make what we use everyday. (money)

The Gardener by S.A Bodeen " Dear future Generation" sorry by Prince E.A the authors discuss the seventh generations principle and how it can affect the world.

The karner blue is a butterfly. it lives in dry sandy areas w/ open woods and clearings like fire barrens lake shore dunes, and sandy pine prairies that contain lots of wild blue lupine the problem is there isn't a lot of them left.

the karner blue is important in the Gardener because Layla and Solomon have the same tattoos and they're both on the same forearm.

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