Hanging out with the Scouts at Lewis & Clark Middle School was great!!

I saw so many amazing teachers, kind hearts and great pedagogy that they could never all fit on this tackk, but below are few things learned, discovered and enjoyed!

What's better than an awesome teacher that changes the lives of students everyday? Not much, I agree. But when that awesome teacher takes on the task of sharing his resources with his peers he is a one up in my book. Way to go @quallsimodo67, I look forward to your next year's blog being prime time! By the way, LCMS is the best at sharing it forward! Thanks to Jamie Jarvis and Marne Burt your love of tech has spread.  

Art & math

Every time I am in Tori Wardrip's presence I am impressed by her use of technology. Today I was blown away by her Lapse project! In this project she met ELA standards as well as ISTE and her art standards! More importantly her students creatively told a digital story in less than two class periods...slam it!

You need to quickly get data from your kids and have a million tools in your pocket but why not add one to your pile (Plickers, Socrative, Nearpod, etc.) a new one we found today is Mentimeter.

First off...the above images are what appear when you search Steve Pomroy on Google? WHAT? But, what I also learned is your principal is savvier than he lets on! Ask him about his Nest...it's cool. He also showed me how to put a shortcut from a web address on a PC desktop.  (Two years on a Mac and I forgot how those big black boxes work).

Have you ever needed to sign a document and "mail" it in, with a stamp? Well, make that transaction easy as pie (& free) with the Evernote Scannable App. Thanks Kevin for showing that to us...and if you didn't know Kevin Brook can do anything (announce, build stuff, make a kid feel great and more).

And of course I learned so much more! One question that came up a lot was if I will do this next year and the answer is YES! I hope to be in your building at least once a month (and please know I come whenever asked). I promise to not flood your inbox next time.

We hope to see you this summer! Let us know what we can do to help you tech it up.