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1. Letter of intent

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3.College Application

4.Letter of application:

5.Presentation / Presi

6.FAFSA form (paper copy)


                          Letter of intent

Hello my name is Zahory Karyme Garcia I am writing this letter to say my reasons why you should accept me in your'e school. I would like to be part of you're college. I am interested in learning about nursing plastic, it will take time but it is worth it. If you accept me for class 2018 I promise I won't cost problems I would be in class in time and I would also get good grades not just grades but tests too. I would also have good behavior and respect and be responsible enough to turn in all my work in time. I am willing to study and graduate and go to college for four years and get a good scholarship and education. In the future I see my self graduating , I would be one those students who would care because I want to be someone when I grow up with good grades and everything. I want to be one of those people that have a good a living were I can buy all my books for school. My

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