by: Jaylon green


Art is not just a pencil and paper but it is the creativity of the mind you have to express your feelings

From not only your mind but your belly it has to just burst out dude and if you don’t want to listen to this takk get with it and if you do want to listen to this takk your awesome so read it.


Do you like drawing? well this tack will teach you how your belly will explode

With ideas and teach you that it is okay to be an observer just if it does not make people

Feel weird.


First you will have to get the erasers the erasers you will need is the regular erasers and the eraser

putty and also you will need is the pencils witch is charcoal pencils and dark pencils and a regular

pencil and last but not least is the pens witch is A fine tip and a sharpie (thin one) and those are your supplies.


First you will have to imagine something then sketch it out and you have to do it lightly

Here is some to start you off

Also you will need to sketch body parts too lick an eye here’s an example and also you can observe people too just don’t do it weird.

Going over the sketching:

After you finish sketching you must go over the sketching darkly but not hard

And that’s how you draw(=


Always know that art is never the same between artists as you can see art takes a lot of work it takes supplies , sketching, going over the sketching, and coloring and also always wonder and let your imagination flow and never give up and art is never perfect so keep trying.

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