AnneMarie, Lia- period 5- January 6 2014

Bucktown is part of the West Town and Logan Square Community Areas. It's on the Northwest side in Logan Square, it's directly North of Wicker Park and northwest of The Loop. The Bucktown/ Wicker Park area is known for it's cool theaters, art galleries, shops and edgy architecture. Some attractions or must do's when in the Bucktown/ Wicker Park area include getting breakfast at the Bongo Room, visit the Double Doors concert hall to hear live music where they once held a secret Rolling Stones Concert, browse the many shelf's of Myopic books, shop in Logan Square, grab coffee next door at the Red E, and then go for dinner at Club Lucky. After the Chicago Fire the Bucktown/ Wicker Park area was a desired place for families to start to rebuild. When many Jews and a large abundance of Polish people migrated to this area, the goats they brought with them roamed the streets. This is how Bucktown got its name, and title as the Polish Gold Coast in the early 1900's. In the 1960s and 1970s Chicago's overall city population began to decline and Bucktown began to fall into disrepair. But during the 80's a new wave of artists and musicians attracted by the cheap rent and The Loop settle into these neighborhoods making Bucktown what it is today. An unconventional town home too music and art festivals, coffee houses, skinny jeans and Doc Martens. Bucktown/ Wicker park is among the top five most hipster neighborhoods in America.