Starts with L

A. 1. I made pride a sort of selfish thing, it looks like the person who wrote it down is troubled.  2. I like how the writing gets increasingly bigger and more aggressive.  3. I dont like how the door shows in the corner.  4. I used the coffee shop rainbow action.

B. 1. I first miss read it that it started with i so i chose iron man but I love iron man so i guess its still L.  2. I really like how the shadow has a white line around it.  3. I honestly dont think i would change anything about it.  4. I didn't actually use an action, I had this setting on my phone camera which is solarize, that is what I used and I thought it looked really cool.  5. This is my favorite picture because it just looks so cool and the background fades off to the top and it's just good.

C. 1. I chose this because art is many peoples vision and it often dumps out, like the bucket of supplies.  2. I like how it's blurry in the front.  3. I dont like how you can see the mirror in the back.  4. I used the nelly nero daydream action.

D. 1. When i heard freedom I heard freedom of expression right away and this shows it with the zentangle and various stickers.  2. I like how the pen is hanging there on the board.  3. I dont like how you can't read come of the stickers.  4. I used the nelly nero time capsule action.