Nelson Mandela

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background knowledge

  • Born 1918
  • Long Time Leader of Anti-Apartheid Movement
  • Fought/Protested against the minority white government
  • Won ½ a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
  • Shared with Frederik Willem de Klerk who released him from prison (Saunders).
  • Became South Africa’s first black president in 1994


  • Nelson Mandela was a leader of the anti-apartheid movement and was imprisoned on the charges of sabotage and conspiracy against the state. He was sentenced to life in prison because of these charges (Saunders).
  • Specifically, he was the main organizer of an underground military movement against the government that lead to his charge of sabotage (NobelPrize).
  • Mandela's Actual Prison Cell

    Life in prison

  • Meager food rations, lime quarry work, and a tiny living cell were all obstacles Mandela endured while serving his sentence on Robben Island. However, while in prison, Mandela was able to refine and practice his leadership skills. He assumed a leadership role over inmates and even prison officials and guards by his dignified defiance, intelligence, and charm (On This Day).
  • Robben Island Prison (Where Mandela Served his 27 Years)


    In 1989, F.W. de Klerk took over as president of South Africa. He did not agree with the former government’s Apartheid policies, and he began to have all Apartheid policies disbanded and removed. In 1990, after 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela was set free by the man whom he would later share a Nobel Peace Prize with (OnThis Day).

    Later Years

  • After being released from prison, Mandela agreed to work on helping South Africa’s anti-apartheid groups to better their relationship with the government. Eventually, all apartheid laws were repealed. From 1994-1999 Mandela served as president of South Africa. Even after his retirement, he was an advocate of human rights and equality in South Africa and worldwide. People all over the world mourned the death of Mandela on Dec. 5, 2013 (Saunders).
  • Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem de Klerk accepting the Nobel Peace Prize

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