Saturday Night Live Satires- Garrett Alikakos

In this satire, Saturday Night Live creates a new story of the Disney Classic, Bambi. In the original movie of Bambi, Bambi loses her parents to hunters. In this satire, Bambi is a gun-toting vengeful deer, taking lives and shooting hunters. The skit is not making fun of Bambi, but is a incongruity. Bambi is supposed to be peaceful, and they've brought Bambi back dual wielding pistols and shooting up hunters. It also an exaggeration because the actor who plays Bambi is Dwayne "the rock" Johnson, who is a big, muscled up man carries guns around, smoking cigars, and shooting people, but Bambi is actually just a little deer.

The satirical target of this skit is too make fun of soap operas. It is a parody because they are imitating the over-dramaticness in soap operas, zooming into faces with shocked expressions, gasping over little things. Its funny because they are using exaggeration with a parody, making it completely ridiculous.

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