Customer Development

It's not what you think.

Here's what I can help with:

  1. Team training on the Customer Development Process
    Customer Development isn't about asking what customers want -- it's about understanding their pain points. The good news is that any team can become more prepared about how to actively engage customers and potential customers for the purpose of measuring and learning, which leads to better product development and sales results.
  2. Business Development Planning + Execution
    Are there several areas where your product could have success -- but due to limited budget and resources, you're simply not sure where to focus your team's efforts? Allow me to create a master Customer Development plan and meet with potential customer groups so you can properly focus your team's efforts where it will count the most.

Let's get together.

If Customer Development is an area you could use some help with, submit your information below -- and I'll get back to you right away to set up a time to talk.