creating social fiction

Muhammad Yunus is a doer. Trained as an economist, he has used his expertise to create social change. He created the Grameen Bank to offer micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. These are not hand-outs, they are investments. Investments in people and in the idea that people need support not saving. This idea has been replicated and applied through various platforms like Kiva, indiegogo, Kickstarter and Donorschoose.

he imagined it and it happened

In the video above, Yunus deftly introduces the idea of "social fiction". Rockets, computers and robots were once the stuff of science fiction but now they are reality. Someone imagined them and through a lot of hard work, failure and triumph, they happened. Why not social fiction? Why can't we have a grand imagination and create an audacious vision for the future? Goals are great but they are firmly rooted in the present. Vision must be the antecedent, with goals serving as structural supports in the process of implementation. They are hollow and limiting without a grand vision. The idea of social fiction is to dream big, to imagine the social conditions that you value. With these big dreams, we end up with small scale and often lateral movement.

Let's start creating some education social fiction. What is your big picLet's start creating a big vision for where we could go and then get busy making it happen. Following in line with the eccentric Mr. Lynch's thoughts above, let's start broadening our imaginations.  Let's start asking some really big "Why?", "What if?" and "How?" questions to start crafting our social fiction and then get busy making it happen!