Super Fudge!

In the book Super Fudge my characters are Fudge Hatcher (Peters little brother), Peter Hatcher (who's telling the story),Tootsie Hatcher (Peters little sister), Alex (One of Peters new good friends), Jimmy Fargo(Peter's best friend who lives where Peter used to live), and then mom and dad. Most of the book will take place in New Jersey but some of it takes place in New York. What is happening in the book is that Peter has a BIG PROBLEM! He moved to New Jersey! This was a big problem for Peter because he had to leave his best friend Jimmy Fargo. Peter has two more problems in the great book. One of Peter's  BIG PROBLEM is his little brother Fudge! Fudge is 4 years old and VERY annoying and embarrassing to Peter. Whenever i'm reading the book I always think that  Fudge is going to do something bad in this chapter. Another one of his BIG PROBLEMS is that his mom is having another baby and with all the trouble Fudge has caused him he hopes it isn't another Fudge.

My opinion of Fudge is that he can be a BRAT! One thing in the book that happened and made him a brat was when he woke up Peter on a Saturday morning and tricked him by saying "Your're going to be late for school" and so Peter got all ready and came down stairs and Fudge finally says "Haha I tricked you it's Saturday!!!" A few reasons that prove he's a brat are that he is always doing something embarrassing to Peter and that he does BAD things to Tootsie! And those are a few reasons that  prove why Fudge is a brat.

I think the way the author wrote this book was good but she did leave out a few things that I think her readers would be curious about. One of the things her readers will be curious about is that how did Alex feel when Peter told him he was moving back to New York. And the other thing she left out that I thought would've been nice to know is how did Jimmy feel when he told him he was moving back to New York.

In this book nothing really confused me because she wrote things nicely except she didn't tell you some things that I would think people would like to here but anyways yes nothing really confused me.

What I think will happen next is that the Hatcher family will move back to New York. I think this will happen because Peter's dad will work there again. Mom said something and dad said something that made me think that they are thinking about moving back to New York.One thing that mom said was "Speaking of Princeton ...and changes"  and dad said" I'm not crazy about the idea of commuting"

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3 years ago

Jamie, you did an absolutely amazing job on these! I enjoyed reading your comments! You supported everything SO well--not that it is too difficult to prove that Fudge is a brat. ;) I liked your comment about Alex and the author not showing how he felt. That's a great observation, and I'm sure that a real person would have felt extremely sad that his best friend was moving. You did a great job supporting your prediction. How did that one pan out? Did they end up moving back? Excellent job! I can't wait to see what you thought about Willy Wonka!