Queen Elizabeth decided to travel from England to Scotland in her Bentley, a trip that will take approximately 9 hours. At first, she decided to travel on inner roads thinking that she could save time and won't be stuck in traffic. She traveled at 100 km/hr which is about 62 mph at a consistent rate. But because some of the inner roads were not as smooth as highway roads, one of the tires blew. The queen did not have any spare tires with her so she called the closest Car Repair Store to see if they had any tires. Luckily they did, so after 3 hours the queen got going again. Learning from her mistakes, she took the highway which would get her there with none of these types of problems. Trying to get back to her schedule, the queen broke a few government rules and sped at a whopping 200 km/hr or 124 mph! She turned on cruise control at 124 mph, and sat back turning the wheel once in a while and reached Scotland right on schedule. She knew that the trip was definitely worth it.

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