where food. meets drinks. meets style


Welcome Welcome! Eat. Drink. Style is a blog that I have created for all you lovely ladies simply because I love cooking, while drinking wine, while wearing really cute heels! Ya ok, heels while cooking great idea if I am "trying" to seduce my husband (ok again realistically, dinner time, 3 kids, seducing husband..ha! ok not realistic). But, My blog is dedicated to styling tips, products, recipes, and so much more. I am really excited, and I hope you are too!

Ok, so my blog has been something I wanted to create for my personal selfish reasons & oh ya, did I mention I own a business called Clutch? We sell REALLY cute handbags & accessories. So yes, a blog is away to show you my friends, my readers, my fellow ladies, my items & everything else I am passionate about including my family!

Stay tuned for what is to come including my voyage of owning a small business! I hope you enjoy this as much as I will creating it.

Xo Lynn