Indian Tribes of the Coastal Plain Region of Virginia-SNB

By: Seth Bullington


The Virginia Indians of the Coastal Plain region had many ways to represent their culture. They spoke Algonquian. The types of shelter they had were dome shaped wigwams, tall fences, and they used trees for poles to support their homes and other shelters.

Food and Products

The Virginia Indians ate many foods and made different things. They ate seafood like fish and shellfish. They drank fresh water. Also they hunted deer and birds. In the fall, they harvested their crops which included corn, beans, and squash. They made many things. For their transportation they made canoes out of tree bark. They wore animal skins for clothing. For bowls and such, they used clay. To not waste their environment, they used the bones of their prey for tools.

Settler Contact

When the settlers came, it was a rough time for the Indians. The Indians lived a much better life before the settlers came.The Virginia Indians population was massive before the settlers arrived, they had 20,000 Indians. They were also very healthy. Sadly, when the settlers came they massivly lowered the population to 1,800 Indians. The reason this happened is because they killed them and brought diseases.


The American Indians had many adaptions. For warmth they used animal skins for clothing and blankets. They used all the natural resources they could to make shelters and other useful things.


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