Nathan Engelhardt

Travel Agent
Get Outta Here Agency, Inc.

About Me:

I have been a travel agent at Get Outta Here, Inc. for 5 years. I am a widower and have a 4 year old daughter, Cossette . My commute to work is 4 miles each way.


* Annual Income: $34,000

*Total Monthly Taxes: 296.00

*Net Monthly Income: $2,537.33

Established Expenses

Each Month I spend the following:

*Health and Life Insurance: $30.00

*Medical and Dental Insurance: $45.00

*Savings Account to Wells Fargo Bank, NA. : $131.12

*Charitable tithe (10%) to Church: $253.73

*LUCKY CARD: $125.00

*UNLUCKY: $40.00

investment portfolio


Living Room

*The mortgage is based on 6% interest and includes taxes and insurance.


*Electric: $100

*Sewer/water: $35

*Phone: $30


*Cable: $56.00

Home Improvement

Total home improvement costs: $5454.89

Monthly payment: $246.00


Total costs of above clothing: $122.92

Allowance: $78-$183


My Car!

Groceries and Toiletries

The following menu and grocery list is based on shopping at a basic store such as Cub Foods.

Entertainment and Recreation

Free Event
Free Event
A night at the waterpark hotel.

Eating out

*Nathan eats out for lunch once a week at $9.00 a meal. This totals approximately $36.00 per month.

Actual Budget

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