All About Me

1. What is your full name? My name is Francisco Torres.

2. Where were you born? I was born in Los Angeles , California.


Who is in your family, and what are their ages? My carnal , my jefe , and my carnalitos.

Were I would Like To Go

Where would you like to travel to, and why? I would like to travel to Mexico to see my grandmas grave and visit familia over there.

My favorite and least favorite school subject

What is your favorite school subject, and why? My favorite subject in school is lunch.

What is your least favorite subject, and why? My least favorite subject will be math and English.

my favorite Rapper

What is your favorite music group, and why? My favorite music artist will be SPM , and Delfonics.

What i do on weekends

. What do you like to do on the weekends or when you get home from school? On weekends i like to kick it with my homeboys and home-girls at tha crib, and when i get home from school i go to lay down with my lady.

My Best homies

Who is your best friend, and why? I have plenty but they are not best friends they are FAMILY !! because they were there when i was behind bars and out in the free.

Which High school im attending next year

Which high school would you attend next year? I would probably attend Lamar High School.

My favorite animal

What is your favorite animals, and why? My favorite animal would be the Lion because thats the KING of KINGS.

How to get home from school

Can you give the direction to your home from the school? Its in the NAWF side i ain't telling ya exactly tho hahahaha...

trips ive been on

Have you been on any trips? Where have you gone? Ive only been on one trip and that was to jail. It wasn't easy but it happened i guess that's life.

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