The Road To Emmaus

Retold by: Evan Nassar

A couple guys walkin' along a road to get to a town called Emmaus. They are talking to each other when Jesus walks up, they don't recognize him, and he asks them what they're talking about.

They tell him that they are sad because Jesus of Nazareth has been killed by crucifixion by the head jesuit priests. They had hoped that Jesus would save their Jesuit nation, but they believed he couldn't anymore because he was dead. Yet, they also knew about the women that went to Jesus' tomb to find he wasn't there, so they may have had a little hope.

When they were near the village they invited Jesus to stay with them, because it was late out. When they sat at the table to eat and Jesus gave blessing and broke the bread, the men's eyes were opened and they saw Jesus for who he was. After they saw him and disappeared, they then ran to where the apostles were in Jerusalem. The men heard the apostles proclaiming that Jesus had risen, and the men told them their story. Proving that they had seen Jesus alive again.

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3 years ago

Very well done. I think you mean "Jewish" instead of Jesuit though!