Dan River Ash Spill

Dan River Ash Spill

Duke Energy has been spilling wet coal ash into the woods, and the Dan River.in Virginia. It has been reported that they have been doing this for months already. This is the eighth notice that Duke Energy has received in less than a month.

Some of the hazardous chemicals coal contain are arsenic, lead, mercury, and other toxic chemical not only to humans, but to wildlife also.

Is Duke Energy liable for the clean up?

- Duke Energy is liable for the clean up of the coal ash spill that covered 70 miles of the Dan River, because they spilled it into a place where wildlife, and humans depend on the water that river provides. The ash that was spilled is very toxic. The chemicals in the coal that was spilled are known to cause cancer.There are many considerably large cities located downstream of the Dan River such as Fayetteville,Wilmington,Sanford, and Dunn.

How does the situation relate to business ethics, and responsibility?

-  This situation relates to social responsibility, because the way Duke Energy Company is dumping ash into the Dan River is not contributing to the Environmental part of social responsibility. This relates to business ethics, because business ethics is developing trust among other companies, and the customer, and also doing the right thing. Duke Energy dumping ash into the Dan River is not the right thing.

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