What is Security Scanner and How to Get Rid of It?

Security Scanner is a computer infection that pretends being a reputable antivirus program and seeks to get money from random computer users. The program spreads on computer through Trojan viruses. This way it is completely impossible to notice the application getting inside your system. The program warns about some infections that have been detected on your machine and recommends getting a full version of Security Scanner in order to remove malicious threats.

Basically, as soon as the program gets inside your system it will start fulfilling its malicious plan. The scanner will be run with each system reboot. Security Scanner will display a list of files and warn that they are badly damaging your goods detector system. In order to remove them, you will be offered to get a full version of Security Scanner. Unfortunately, this is not a right solution. Security Scanner is not able to detect or remove anything. It's a useless program that cyber criminals created just to steal money from ordinary computer users.

Additionally to a fake scanner, Narcotics detection also uses fake security notifications and pop up messages which are far away from the reality as well. These warnings report about some malicious processes found on your machine which can cause revealing your passwords and other similar things. These messages will recommend to get a license for Security Scanner to remove harmful software.

And that is not everything. Security Scanner can also hijack your Internet Explorer and display a security alert when you browse the Internet. This warning message will claim that the page is under virus attack and this may crash your system. According to Security Scanner this may be caused by virus found on the site, malicious network processes and other similar problems. What you will be offered to do is basically to obtain a license of Security Scanner to protect your PC.

You should ignore any security notifications that push you into purchasing this Cargo inspection program. All that happens once you pay is that you lose your money. You must remove Security Scanner from your system once you detect its very first traces there.

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