History Journal.  

Dear, Journal                                                                                   July 6, 1864

My name is Jenna H. Bowker I am 14 years old. I live in the state of New York. I work in a factory for Mr. Louis. He pays good and likes the family. I have been waiting for 2 years for my brother to return from the war. People say it will end soon. That south was just being silly and stupid, but each passing day leads to more men vanishing. I am growing worried of what will come if we do not end this war soon. Please, god help my brother. He was stationed in North Carolina just last month.  

                                                                                       Sincerely, Jenna

Dear, Journal                                                                                     July 8, 1864

Today was a normal day. I started off my morning doing a small load of laundry. I then went to help sew with some ladies in town. We where sewing socks and clothes for the men in war. I hoped one made it's way to my brother. Afterwards I went to work. I helped man the machines. I was learning quite fast too. Sadly Martha had an accident with one of the machines. I heard it broke her arm bad. Bent and shatter so much that the doctor had to saw it off. I then after that gave a small donation to the war before going to get lunch. After lunch my boss Mr. Louis had me do him a favor. I took a letter to the post office. That got me a small tip! I hope my brother is safe.

                                                                                        Sincerely, Jenna

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