Here Are some Attractions in Las Vegas

one attraction is the X- scream.The X-Scream is, at a height of about 866 feet the world's third highest amusement ride, located on top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas.

another attraction is the big shot

Big Shot is the world's highest amusement ride in terms of overall elevation above ground level. The 160 feet tower is built atop the 921 feet high deck of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada.

you will barf on the big shot!!!!!!

Now this other ride is intense

behold the insanity

the insinaty is at least 900 ft in the air.

The neon museum is in las vegas shows old signs from old casinos and other businesses displayed outdoors on over 6 acres.It opens at 9:00am from 8:00pm.The price is $18

you want to stay on ground?Then you can go karts

The tikets are for $55 for adult an d for kids is $47

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