Speak Up! A Millennial's Guide to Twitter.

As of July of this year it was said that over 135,000 new users sign up for Twitter everyday. That is a TON of voices in a world where everyone is trying to be heard. In a world where everyone is clawing at the virtual window to make an impact. It is imperative that your story is heard.

Here are four steps that will help your personal brand.

1. TARGET: Not everyone needs to know or frankly cares what you have to say. Look for the people and groups who NEED your material. Present the information in a way that resonates with their everyday life.

2. KNOW WHO YOUR TALKING TO: Do not sugar coat what it is you are trying to say. At the same time do not be everything to everyone. Not every Tweet that you post needs to engage your followers but they must reach the ones who would care.  

3. STAY CONSISTENT: The key to any great account is consistency. When someone comes to your account they want to hear from you. They want your thoughts, your opinions and your advice so give them that. Serve up tweets about things that you are passionate about. You can mix and match things that impact your life but the big picture needs to be consistent with your personal brand.

4. STAY IN REAL TIME: I have a 6 hour rule (minus sleeping and meetings of course) . I will respond to a Twitter notification in no longer than 6 hours. I try to do it as soon as possible. You see people will tell you that you are on your account too much but with the average life a Tweet about 8 seconds at the time of me typing this if you are not engaging your community in real time you are loosing them.  Stay active, stay engaged.

Speak up or get lost. Twitter is a great tool if you are willing to put the work in.