The Southern Colonies

Even on the bottom, you'll be on top in the southern colonies!

The colonies from top to bottom are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Think of all the good things that will come your way when you move to one of the five southern colonies. It is sunny and warm almost all year so it is perfect for growing crops. Along with the fact that the soil is rich and you will be able to grow cash crops such as tobacco, cotton, and rice. The winter isn't too bad either, they are short and mild so you can get right back to farming in a short amount of time.

A southern colony cotton farm.

In the southern colonies it is perfect for farming. It is sunny, the soil is rich so it is great. Cotton, rice and tobacco are only a few things that grow well here.

Old southern colony house.

For industry here in the southern colonies we sell tobacco, rice and cotton. We also supply timber and naval supplies.

View from the southern colonies

We hope you choose to live in the southern colonies!

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