summer day one

Saturday, may 30, 2014

besides going to sleep at 6:30 in the morning, and being completely annoyed by someone fake sleepwalking i ate a lot of food, and it was great.  when i woke up at 11 i had pie that tasted like doughnuts and a cinnamon bagel.  then i memorized the whole song fancy and its my jammm. then i went to the pool with belle for about 5 hours and saw some people i know but don't necessarily like. then i drove a golf cart and we almost ran into a tree but since we didn't i think i am a great driver.... anyways, then we had a bonfire and had smores that were super yummy. i really need to go the mall and buy some new clothes but i have no money but oh well.  then i went home and watched some old pretty little liars<3 i am going to florida soon so yay disney.

so bye, abbey