Title by Brandon Loredo

I awoke to the sounds of helicopters and gun shots. Which was unusual because I never heard it in the middle of the night. So I walked outside to find out i was in another neighborhood. I was confused but my confusion transitioned to being overwhelmed because I saw a group of men dressed in black being chased by cops. One screamed my name and told me to run so i joined them. We came around a corner and a Cadillac pulls up and we get in without questions being asked. While we are driving a recognize two of the three men. The first one is Tre, he looks like someone from a movie i've watched before. So did the second, he looked like Doughboy from the same movie. I start to think why im here and if this is a dream. I turn around, with the relief of not seeing cops or flashing lights behind us, and i ask "where are we going?" The guy to my left replies saying "We are going back to the crib to get some protection before the Bloods try to attack us." I ask why they would even bother to come to the side and fight and Doughboy says "We robbed there neighborhood of all good things, and they're mad because of it." We then turn down a road with dim street lights lighting up the dark road surrounded by houses on each side. We pull in and we all get out and start running behind a house thats partying. We go through the back door and up some stairs to the left of us. But to the the right, as we go past the kitchen, is sommething that assures me that i've did some sort of time travel to the past. The first thing i see are people talking on old nokia man 190's. I whisper to myself "those haven't been used since the 90's". Then as we reach the stairs, there was a calendar that said "July 23, 1992". I snap out of my thinking when i hear gunshots over the loud music. They kept getting closer and people started screaming. Then Dough finally said as he was walking down the stairs " just another gang war in Compton." He throws a Mac-10 towards Tre and then loads his Type 56. Then all of a sudden i bottle on fire comes throught the window and people start running through the house. Some with weapons and others screaming. Doughboy and Tre and a few others run out shooting while i follow. There are multiple cars on fire the i turn to my right seeing a car explode right in my face.

Everything goes blank and a few seconds later i awake in a hospital room. The tv is on a movie and it looks awfully familiar. I realize its Boyz n The Hood. Its at the last scene, and thats when i remeber that thats the movie Doughboy and Tre are in. Its at the last scene and Doughboy walks toward Tre with liquor in his hand. He then stands beside Tre while he sits on the steps of his father's home and says "I understand why you abandoned the gang last night, but we got the revenge for them killing Ricky. I got all three of those busta's while they were eating at the burger joint. But i accept the consequeces of my crime ridden life, i did it for my only brother." He pauses to take a sip of his 40 and then finishes the conversation saying "I just don't understand why America don't know, don't show, or don't care about whats happening in the hood." He walks away and walks backwards while pouring out the rest of his liqour saying "Hey, i may get smoked tomorrow by some Blood, and they won't care." He then walks back across the street and he fades away while white text says he got murder two weeks later.

Everything goes blank once more and then awake again in another house with a alarm going off. I get up and look outside and i see im still in South Central. Then i turn around and see a blue plaid shirt on a hanger on my door. Then to assure that im in another past movie, i turn to the window as soon as Smokey rips my curtains on my window.

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