This propaganda shows bandwagon. It makes it seem like everyone but you are joining the war to fight.

This propaganda shows loaded words. It uses words like hot and ready to make you think of the pizza at Little Caesars as ready to eat

This is testimonial propaganda. It shows Shaquille O'Neal with Icy Hot to show you that you can trust him to use the product.

The above video shows transfer propaganda. It shows people feeling down and then their mood changes to happy when they get a coke to show how the soda can make you happy.

This is an example of repetition. This McDonalds ad is repeating the logo to get it in your mind to persuade you.

This propaganda technique is called name-calling. The ad shows a candidate who is running for President and making them seem like they are going to make things worse so you shouldn't vote for them.

This example is fear propaganda. It is a Japanese soldier trying to kill an American to say that if you don't buy war bonds, they could come and hurt you.

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