Chechnya Human Rights Under Attack

Kramer, Andrew E. "Human Rights Group’s Office Destroyed in Arson Attack." The New York Times. The New York Times, 14 Dec. 2014. Web. 05 May 2015.

    The Committee Against Torture has reported multiple burned burnings. The buildings burnt were of people related to the suspects of an attack on Chechnya capitol. The group that was investigating these burnt down buildings, were then burnt down. People dress in unmarked uniforms to commit these crimes. The police do not intervene and have not tried to stop them.

The Complications

    This situation is complicated because there are men committing crimes that are in unmarked uniforms and are armed. This suggests they are formal and could be with a government. This matter is also complicated because of the media's influence. The Chechen media gave the public th idea that the Committee Against Torture is supportive of terrorists, and against authorities. This upsets authorities, while subsequently inspires civilians to commit terrorist acts (the burning of buildings).

Chechnya is highlighted in orange, with the capitol, Grozny, dotted in black. The large country it lies within is Russia

    The main opponents involved in this conflict are the unknown individuals that burn down buildings, and the government arms. It would be fair to say the civilian people have a side in this conflict, but are not directly fighting. Aside from the conflict within Chechnya, Russia is also involved. Russia is involved because the conflict takes place in the restive Russia region of Chechnya. This means Russian law is applicable. The Russians have also used arson as a counterinsurgency tactic, even though it is prohibited.

    The conflicts in Chechnya are being solely conducted their terrorist attacks, arranged by unknown groups. Their method is arson, and they burn down homes and offices.

Cause of Conflict

The burning of these buildings is a response to an attack on the capitol of Chechnya. After the capitol was attacked, the homes of suspects and their relatives were then burnt down. After the suspect's homes were burnt down, an agency needed to investigate those crimes. The agency in charge of this investigation was then burnt down. The attacks are all responsive and sequential to the attack of the capitol building.

An apartment building in the capitol Chechnya, burning.

     At the moment the only inkling of resolution is the intention of those that were hurt by the attacks. The victims have to put their trust in the Russian prosecutors, as they investigate the crimes. As far as the public is informed, this is all being done non-violently. On the other hand, if the Russian prosecutors choose to hire or support more responsive violence, the public my never get to see justice.

    The way the prosecutors are conducting themselves is simply inadequate. They are not working quickly enough to keep up with the frequency that these crimes are occurring at. The legal system is the correct way to handle these crimes, though. It would be beneficial to dedicate mroe of their government and staff to solving the cases and working to protect the people. Obviously, the Russian government could help more, and they should.


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