The Battle of Argonne Forest
Danny Lynch Period 9

The Battle of Argonne Forest took place from September 26,1918, until Armistice on November 11. The Entire battle only lasted 47 days. The French and Americans won the battle, here are details.


·     The Allied troop were composed of two different countries armies, the French 400,000 men and the Americans Expeditionary Forces (AEF), 1.2 million men

·     The French troops were well trained and experienced

·     The American troop had little training and no experience in battle.

·     The Axis troops were composed of the German Fifth Army that had approximately 200,000 to 450,000 men in its ranks.

·     The German troops were very well trained had had a lot of experience from fighting against the Russians in 1918.


·     The American soldiers used weapons including the US M1903 Springfield, M1911 Colt pistol; M1917 Browning, .303 Vickers, and Machinengewehr 08 machine guns. The artillery used was US 4.7 inch (120mm) field gun.

·     The French soldiers used the French Lebel M1886, M1911 Colt pistol; M1917 Browning, .303 Vickers, and Machinengewehr 08 machine guns. The artillery they used was French 75mm field gun (canon de 75 M1897); and the British BL 60-pounder field gun. The French also used the Renault FT-17 Tank.

·     The German soldiers used the German Gewehr 98 bolt-action rifles, and .30-cal Browning Automatic Rifle, German 7.58 and 9.15 cm Minenwerfer trench mortars. The artillery used was German 10.5 cm Feldhaubitze 98/09 field howitzer, 10 cm K14 and 7.7 cm FK 96/16 field guns.


·     The Americans suffered 26,277 killed, 95,786 wounded with a total of 122,063 killed or wounded. The number of killed and wounded is high because of the inexperience of the new soldiers.

·     The French suffered 70,000 killed and a total of 187,000 killed or wounded.

·     The Germans suffered 90,000 to 120,000 killed or wounded soldiers.

Interesting fact: the movie Lost Battalion shows what happened in the battle it is a very good movie I recommend it.